Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maintenance Teeth Whitening Products

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can be used to maintain the whitening effect you achieved from your major teeth whitening treatment. Although your major whitening treatment may have been a strong, over-the-counter product such as Aquafresh White Trays or Crest’s Advanced Seal Whitestrips, there are products of lesser strength which are great for maintenance use. The best we know of is Crest’s Daily Whitening Multicare Whitestrips, which are used for five minutes per day for forty-five minutes per day. A stronger but still mild product such as the Crest Whitestrips Classic may be used once every six to twelve months as a maintenance “boost.”

Flossing and Using Mouthwash After Using Teeth Whitening Products

Floss once per day, or preferably after every meal. Go up under the gum line and move the floss back and forth in a polishing motion. Also, be sure you are curving the floss along the shape of the tooth to cover all areas.

Mouthwash’s necessity is questionable. While it has been proven that using a fluoride mouthwash reduces plaque-causing bacteria by up to fifty percent, dentists commonly agree that brushing and flossing regularly are more than adequate to keep the teeth in quality condition. Also, mouthwash is not without its side effects. Therefore, the use of it is up to you.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean By Brushing After Using Teeth Whitening Products

Brushing is the single most important thing you can do to keep your teeth clean. It requires under ten minutes a day for maximum effect, and it will save your whole mouth from a lot of pain and grief over your lifetime. When you brush, be sure you use a fluoride toothpaste, and be sure that you brush in circles. Brushing in circles causes less damage to the gums than brushing from side to side. Focus on one tooth at a time, and be sure that tooth is spotless clean before moving to the next. You should brush after every meal, but most people cannot do this; so, brush at least twice per day.

Keeping Staining Material Away From The Teeth After Using Teeth Whitening Products

It is very easy to keep staining material away from the teeth. If you want to avoid exposing the teeth to staining material, simply do not put any staining material in your mouth. To do this, however, you need to know what kinds of things stain the teeth, so that you can avoid them properly.

Drinks: Tea, coffee, grape juice, and colas (dark soda) will stain your teeth very quickly, especially grape juice and coffee

Tobacco: Any form of tobacco will stain your teeth faster than anything else; keep it away if you want your teeth to stay white

Foods: Curry, berries, soy sauce, etc. will stain your teeth quickly.

If you want an easy rule to go by, think of what you are considering putting in your mouth. If it will stain a carpet or T-shirt, then it will stain your teeth. So, avoid it.

Maintaining After Using Teeth Whitening Products

You probably want to keep your teeth white after you go through a teeth whitening treatment, right? It may help to know exactly HOW to do this. While there are many different thoughts on what it takes to keep the teeth white (as well as many conflicting opinions), they all generally boil down to these three categories: keeping material out of the mouth which stains teeth, cleaning the teeth regularly, and using maintenance teeth whitening products. None of these three things are complicated or difficult to do, but they do take discipline and some time out of each day. Those who really want to keep their teeth white will, and others will simply find that their teeth become yellow over time.